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About our wedding venue

Beauty and the Beach™ is one of the most romantic getaways located in Crystal Beach, TX. It is a fully functional lighthouse and the only venue in Texas designed and built specifically to host beach weddings 


Check availability

Use this calendar to check venue availability. If dates are available please proceed to step 3 to select package and pay a $500 deposit to block dates for your event. Don't worry if you aren't sure how many guests you will have and what wedding package you will need. After you have dates blocked, you can change your package at anytime.


Choose your wedding package

Beach weddings are not only romantic, but also very affordable! As you can see below our prices are much lower than the average $8,000 cost of the wedding venue in Texas. We have packages from small elopements to full service events for up to 200 ceremony/reception guests and up to 24 guests staying on site overnight. To keep it even more budget friendly we have great pricing for weddings in off-season (November - March) and weekday weddings (Monday - Thursday excluding holidays) are half price!

Select if your wedding is in low or high season and your approximate number of guests. Then pay a $500 deposit to block the dates for your event. This deposit will also serve as a damage deposit and will be refunded to you after the wedding if there is no damage. Once dates are reserved, you can start paying towards your wedding package using "Pay" menu option on this website. You can pay all at once or in installments at your convenience, but the package must be paid in full at least 60 days before the event or we'd have to cancel the event and refund you everything except the $500 deposit.


Optional services

Schedule an optional in-person tour of our venue when it is not rented out. Hire our wedding planner for hands free experience and taking all the burden off your shoulders in finding reliable vendors, managing them and coordinating everything on the day of the event.  Hire our licensed officiant for a smooth ceremony. Double the number of guests allowed to stay overnight by booking two trailers (each sleeps up to 6) at $399 per night for both RV trailers. Click here for 3D tour of the RVs.


What else do you need for a successful beach wedding

After booking the venue and getting rental items that we provide, you are encouraged to hire: a wedding planner and a wedding day coordinator, an officiant or a minister, a DJ with PA system, mics and mixer, professional photo/videographer. If alcohol is to be served to guests you must hire TABC certified bartender and a security officer.


You are expected to bring your own alcohol and other drinks. You need to hire licensed caterers to bring food or cook in their own food trucks. Lighthouse kitchen can not be used to cook food for reception guests. Our assistance team can not be waiters. If you are hiring wait staff make sure they have a current food handling license. You also expected to bring your own plates, napkins and utensils or ask your caterers as they usually provide ones.


You are expected to bring your own lightweight decor: decorative linens, centerpieces, flowers, etc to theme your wedding. Only cold sparklers are allowed and not closer than 5 ft from wooden structures. Fireworks are allowed on the beach behind the rope only. People staying overnight can enjoy bonfire after the reception. Please bring your own firewood.

This is a remote beachfront cabin surrounded by miles and miles of undeveloped nature. Things don't work there as in the urban inland areas or in the hotel. There could be storms and lightning strikes, floods or electricity and internet may go out. We may have high or low tide. There are sharks and other dangerous wildlife in the waters. There could be clouds of mosquitoes passing by peninsula. Winds could be very strong sometimes. We are at the mercy of nature there at all times, but thankfully nature in most cases is merciful. Please keep an eye on the weather and mosquito forecasts and plan accordingly. While we have windscreens and provide tiki torches with repellents you are encouraged to have appropriate shoes, clothing and skin repellents to enjoy the Texas oceanfront nature at fullest.

You must get a marriage license from the Justice Center at least 72 hours prior to the wedding. An applicant who is on active military duty is exempt from the 72 hour waiting period. License is valid up to 90 days after date of issuance. License is valid in any county in Texas. More info about the marriage license please read here.

We strongly recommend purchasing wedding cancellation insurance from providers like Our cancellation policy is 100% refund if cancelled 60 day or more before the event. If cancelled less than 60 days before wedding - you will lose your $500 deposit. Cancellation insurance will protect your deposit and everything you have paid to us and all other vendors.

For the best experience we strongly recommend hiring our wedding planner who knows how everything works on the peninsula and has a list of all the reliable local vendors. She will take care of all of the above, guide you through the process and coordinate everything on the wedding day. Please see the optional service above.

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